Thursday, May 10, 2012

never again

Usually I'm not one to say never, because really anything can happen. But I will absolutely never eat natto again.

What is natto, you ask? Whale snot.
Okay, fine it's fermented soy beans, but it kinda looks like whale snot and it sure tastes like what I imagine whale snot would taste like. It's super healthy, and Japanese people can eat it in boatloads. However, I tried it for the first time and really tried to be tough enough to eat my serving. Well I did, but not before grossing my mom out because I gagged so hard at the dinner table. It's ridiculously stringy (like for a couple of feet) and slimy. It leaves an absolutely bitter vomit taste in your mouth. 

The Japanese say that because it's so healthy it contributes to their impressive longevity. Even with my new health kick, there are places I won't go. I guess I inherited my Dad's Osaka tastebuds. 


  1. Mom made you natto? She must not love you very much...

    1. haha no mom probably wouldn't make natto. our doctor said that fermented foods would be good so dad had us get some natto and we tried it with our dinner.