Monday, November 28, 2011

welcome to boise, folks

Tuesday after classes Danny, Brittney, Madi, and I packed up the car and drove to Boise (with a short stop in Brigham City to get some Idle Isle - in honor of Dad) to spend the holiday with Meagan, Spencer, and Sienna.

We started off with a great trip to the Boise zoo. Guess what? Boise's zoo was actually worth the seven bucks we paid to get in. They had some awesome monkeys, sweet penguins, and HUGE tigers. But the best part was probably these two girls.
Let's be real, I have some of the cutest nieces ever. 

Then that night we had a GNO (minus the babies) and went to see the new twilight movie - it was overrated in my opinion, but had some decent parts. The best part of this? Meagan made us all some breaking dawn movie packages. 

Type A Blood (cherry soda), Blood Straws (twizzlers), Vampire Diet Food (Beef Jerky), Werewolf Cookies (chocolate fudge cookies), Red Hot Werewolf (cinnamon gum), and Vampirice (chapstick). 
How cute is my sister?

Of course we had a delicious Thanksgiving meal, and yeah it was chicken not turkey because we're all poor college students. 

Friday we did a little black friday shopping at Forever 21, and then we had a little bowling party with the babies. Saturday the boys went to the BSU game while we got to do some serious shopping, and go to the farmer's market. 
Oh, and did I get $220 worth of clothes at anthropologie for under $60? You better believe it. 

We finished off our Saturday night by going to the Boise Fry Company where you choose your potato, style of fries, seasoning, and flavored ketchup. It's better than it sounds. If you ever get a chance to go my recommendation is the yam fries, with cinnamon and ginger, and marshmallow sauce. Delicious. 

The long ride home was totally worth the trip up there. I'm officially counting down for Christmas in Tokyo with the same crowd. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

where's my mother?

Despite the fact that I spent the majority of yesterday starting and finishing a 300+ page book for English, so I could honestly tell my teacher I read the entire book...

I'm sick. 
and surprisingly enough, too sick to go to school. I would be angry about it, other than the fact that I probably got sick from babysitting my adorable niece. And who can be mad about that?

So now, other than the fact I had to go get new tires today, my day gets to consist of bundling up in my snowman blanket, finishing my stats assignment, trying to understand my sociology paper, catching up on my religion packet, and lots of Michael Buble christmas music. 

My only question is, where's my mother? Oh yeah. she's 5545.7 miles away.

So forget about ghost whisperer, cold medicine, and hot soup. 
I'll be living off airbornes and downing throat lozenges.

Friday, November 4, 2011

the senselessness of strangers

Today after driving home from the grocery store I was stopped at a red light and saw a man in his late twenties or so standing on the corner. He was holding a sign that said lost my job, rent is due. Now usually these people make me feel uncomfortable and I try to ignore them. And even if I do by chance see them, I won't even think about giving them money. Why? Because first, I believe people should work for what they're given, and second because I naturally think that they'll spend it on boos. Nonetheless, I really felt like I should give him something. So as the light turned green I drove forward slowly, unrolled my window, and handed him a dollar bill. Was this stupid? Absolutely. What person in their right mind unrolls their window with their wallet open and someone they don't know standing outside? Well, I guess I do. Sorry Mom and Dad, guess your lesson on stranger danger never stuck.

But despite the fact that I probably just did something stupid, AND that I'm a poor college student and need to save all my money, at least I can feel like I did something good for someone today. Hopefully.