Tuesday, March 13, 2012

two of the finest people I know.

Glen and June Nelson. 

This post is a bit delayed but on Sunday, these two celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary. 61 years ago they were married in the Salt Lake City temple - and after only a couple of days my grandpa had to go to Germany to fulfill his duties as a private. 
I didn't take a picture of all of the news articles - but there were about 4. Apparently my grandparents getting married was big news in Springville - although I would argue it was one of the greatest things that ever happened. My grandparents are so full of love for all of their 25 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren, but especially for each other. If you've ever met my grandpa he's probably made you feel like you were the most important person he'd ever met. Well he's just about my favorite person in the world. I barely remember a summer in Utah when I didn't help him in the garden or go down to his house to "play mouse". I've absolutely never felt more loved by anyone else in my entire life. He is my hero. My grandma was definitely smart enough to pick a good man. She is amazing and despite being punched a time or two, served as a faithful lunch lady in Vegas - where she revamped the entire program to include things like peanut butter cookies and other treats. She's an amazing cook. She may not be the same as she used to, but even with her Alzheimer's you can tell she still loves each and every one of us just as much - although she wishes we were much quieter at family gatherings. 

They are great. They deserve much more than a blog post, but seeing as we already had the celebration, and I recently quit my job and now have to save all my pennies, and am on a new diet and have nothing enticing to make them - this will have to suffice. I love them with all my heart and even with their trials I would be ecstatic to be like them one day. Much love Glen and June - you deserve it. 

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  1. Thanks for the post Liz. If dad and I are your biggest fans - we learned from it from them!