Thursday, October 27, 2011

College 101

Things I’ve been lucky enough, and unfortunate enough, to learn the last two months:

Gas is way too expensive.
Meet someone new? Check their ring finger first.
If you make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, you will probably eat them all.
Costco is also too expensive.
Dishes pile up really fast.
If you leave your homemade granola in a ziploc bag sitting by your dryer sheets, the homemade granola tastes like dryer sheets.
The taste of dryer sheets burns your mouth.
Skype is a necessary commodity.
You do actually miss your family.
People think its funny to doorbell ditch cooked peas on your doorstep.
People also think it’s funny to fill the stairwell with crumpled up newspaper the day before it rains, making it stink the entire weekend.
Falling asleep in class is embarrassing.
Singles wards are awkward.
Toilets are never as nice as they were back home, they will probably break somehow.
When your toilet does break, and its 2:45 in the morning you have to call campus police.
Jillian Michaels and Sean T are lifesavers.
Missing the bus sucks.
Going on a date with a returned missionary isn’t as scary as it seems. (Don’t worry Dad I’m not getting married.)
Taking a class at 8 in the morning is a bad idea.
You can put peanut butter in any jamba juice.

But probably the most important of all of these, is that it's really hard to make yourself go to class sometimes. GO ANYWAY. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

well hi, i'm liz :)

and instead of writing some amazingly clever post about how “I never planned on starting a blog but unfortunately, after some serious blog stalking, here I am” I’m starting out this blog with seven things that you probably didn’t need to know about me or something like that - because I got tagged by this cute girl. So here goes …

#1 - I have a weird thing for shoes. This doesn’t mean that I own a million pair, although someday I hopefully will. This means that the first thing I judge you on is what is on your feet. I honestly think that someone’s shoes can say a lot about their personality.

#2 - I went vegetarian for one year, exactly. This was something I did just to prove to myself I could do it. I guess it was kind of a self-discipline thing. Don’t get me wrong I love animals and all, but I love my steak too much to go vegetarian for the rest of my life.

#3 - My feel good movie – Peter Pan. And although I absolutely adore Disney movies, and their version is great, sadly I’m talking about the 2003 Jeremy Sumpter version of Peter Pan. If I’m upset or feeling blue, this is what I turn to.

#4 - I like to back into my parking spot. This is partially because I'm terrified of hitting a person or biker when trying to back out, but also because it kind of runs in the family.

#5 - I have a large birthmark that I used to hate. I would try everything possible to get out of swimming or any other activity where it might be visible. Also, I may or may not have believed my hilarious family when they told me it was from a bear bite. Now I’ve actually come to like my birthmark, just because no one else has one like it.

#6 - I’m a huge nerd. I read for fun, I like learning new things, and I love knowing random facts that no one else knows.

#7 - Insanity workouts have become a must-have in my life. My sister-in-law got me hooked on them at the beginning of the summer and I just can’t seem to stop. I still hate the sweating, the shaking muscles, and the soreness the day after, but Sean T is my idol and one day I will look like the stupid Asian girl that does the entire workout and never gets tired.

Since I’m relatively new to this whole blogging thing I don’t have seven people to tag, so Sierra and Kyler it's your turn.