Monday, July 16, 2012

Tokyo is for lovers

There's no question about it - I am a city girl.

I love the views. From our 33rd floor we can see a Buddhist temple, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo bay, Mt. Fuji (on a good day), and the Disneyland fireworks at 8:30. We can watch tennis matches, baseball games, swimming meets and soccer games just by looking down. Plus, rainstorms are way cooler when you're surrounded by clouds and fog.

It's super clean. I've been here for about 3 months and I've seen garbage on the streets less than 5 times. Seriously - I counted.

Taking the trains might seem a bit overwhelming, but I grew up with them and it's a million times easier than driving here (especially considering gas prices.)

Maybe it's just my way of justifying not working out somedays, but we walk so often that I feel like I'm being healthier. On any given day I'll get about 5 miles just walking around town - usually it's more.

I get to go to Starbucks more often. My sugar/gluten-free lifestyle severely restricts my options on the menu but I've figured things out. There's a Starbucks on almost every corner and since it's so hot I need my Skinny Soy Milk Vanilla Frappucino (hold the whipped cream and syrup). I do, however, feel a little high maintenance when I order in front of my friends.

Last but definitely not least, it's home. I've lived here since I was five. I may understand the way things work in America but I feel much more comfortable being here. Sure sometimes my Japanese is a little rusty but it all works out.

Two more full days until I go back to the states. There's a rumour/myth of sorts that says if you see Mt. Fuji 2 weeks within leaving Japan then you'll definitely come back. Seeing as I hiked Mt. Fuji a week ago I'm holding out on the hope that the superstition rings true.

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