Monday, December 12, 2011

all that holly jolly jazz

working retail becomes increasingly unbearable when the holidays roll around.

I've never liked the chipmunks and their songs, but having the chipmunks remake LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem? So not okay.

Santa gives the little kids suckers when they come and see him, so not only do we get to hear the screams of the children that are terrified of santa, but we get to clean the sucker residue off of the floor (not to mention ourselves) at the end of the night.

Stealing from a children's store, and then trying to resell us the merchandise when you "return it"? That's messed up.

It seems that we have the only bathroom for 50 stores or so, which means that people like to clog our toilets up with paper towels so it overflows. Luckily there are managers who know how to deal with that kind of thing, because I sure don't.

and then I come home to my roommates saying things like "when i'm driving a bunch of people, i realize that i could kill all of them."

sometimes my homicidal roommates and minimum wage job start to be a bit of a downer.

but Tokyo in 4 days for Christmas? Saying I'm psyched would be a major understatement.

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